Sea to Sky Inline Championships - Rules Supplement

by Dylan Williams

2022 Sea to Sky Inline Championships - Rules Supplement

This document shall act a guide for clarification between the RHC rulebook, RHA formatting and S.S.I.C specific rules.

Teams must be ready 15 minutes prior to the start of their assigned game time.

Structure – Round Robin or Series

Male – Pro:               Teams: 7                    |                Games: 4 (Round Robin)         

Female – Draft:        Teams: 2                    |                Games: 5 Series

Male – Open:           Teams: 4                    |                Games: 3 Game Round Robin

Structure – Playoffs

Male – Pro:               6 Teams                     |                Single Elimination (seeded) | 1st & 2nd receive bi advantage

Male – Open:           4 Teams                     |                Single Elimination (seeded)


Prior to Games

Teams will need to be readily available 15 minutes before their allotted game time or when tournament management state if in the event that games are running late.  

Period (Length)       |                Time                           |                Timeouts                   |                If Tied 

Warmup:                   5m            |                N/A                             |                N/A                             |                N/A

Round Robin:           15m          |                Stop time                   |                1 per team                |                Shootout

Playoffs:                    15m          |                Stop time                  |                1 Per team                |                10m (as needed)

Series:                        15m          |                Stop time                   |                1 Per team                |                Shootout

TV Timeout:             1m            |                Whistle 9:00             |                per half                      |                Not Applicable

Direction of play:                      Team will start on opposite ends from their bench (long change) in the first half. Direction of play will switch every period of play. Resulting in 1,3 in long change and 2,4 In shortchange and so on. 


Minor                                           - 1.5 minutes = 90 Seconds    

Double Minors:                         - 3 Minutes

Majors / Matches:                    - 4 Minutes               


Merci Rule:  

When any game reaches an 8-goal differential, that game will end.


Rules: S.S.I.C will use the RHC sanctioned playing rules and Suspension guidelines.

RHC Rulebook - Roller Hockey Canada Rule Book

Rule 74 Forward Progression – Clarification

  • We will be enforcing the delay of game penalty, if a defending team does not attempt to progress the puck from its defending zone. If the opponent applies “pressure” the team can regroup into their zone as required to form a progression. Defending teams can stop a regroup behind its own net for short period, if there is attacking pressure from the opponent. If the official applies progression warning must start their progression. The definition of attacking pressure if is attacker maintains forward motion towards the puck carrier or their defensing zone.

Example “The defending player attempts to breakout of their endzone but the attacking team pressures or blocks the exit. The Defending player turns back and regroups behind their net. While the puck carrier regroups, the opponent moves forward to apply pressure to the puck carrier. This will define “pressure” and allow the puck carrier to coordinate a proper progression. When the attacking opponent backs off giving the defending team and puck carrier space, the attacking team will have a reasonable amount of time to start their forward progression. If the official deems the attackers or puck carrier are not “progressing” they will issue a warning for that situation. Warnings will be issued as needed and only on the second infraction per sequence will a Delay of Game be assessed.


Suspensions will be investigated immediately following the game by Officials, management and utilizing game film if applicable.

Suspension Guidelines

As noted in the Roller Hockey Canada rule book.

Goaltenders Water bottles

Goaltenders are permitted to have water bottles, but they must also have a towel in the net to wipe up any spills that occur. There are water bottle holders on the nets


Game MVP

For each Game there will be 2 MVP players selected by the management and the team captains for their own team. MVPs will receive a Hat for their achievement.