2023 Timeline

by Dylan Williams

2023 season information & Timeline!

Feb 1st: Returning Reservations / Team Applications. 

- We are expecting to turn away at least 24 teams so act fast… 

Feb 15th: Registration is Live

Feb 28th: Uniform Deadline (participating teams)

March 15th: Free Agent Registration closed. 

- We will attempt to place as many free agents as possible. Placement is not a guarantee.

March 25th: Roster Minimum - (8 skaters + Goalie) must be (Required Div 2-6). 

March 25th: Pre-season Schedule - (This is our goal but will be determined by Roster minimums being met). 

April 2-8: Week 1 (Pre-season Divs 2-6)

April 9-15: Week 2 (Pre-season Fivs 2-6)

April 16th: Regualar Season Starts (Divs 2-6) - Subject to change**

May 12th: Division 1 - Elite starts

More Infomation and media from 2022 to come leading up to the season!